About the School

Gurukul Academy was founded by Shri Baba Batuk Nathji and is being managed by an International Educational Society. Babaji had the privilege of being educated in the country's finest Public schools-Welham Boys School and later, The Doon School, Dehradun. After graduating with English Honours from Delhi University, he had been heading a number of charitable trusts which operate various religious institutions and reputed Degree Colleges around the country. Gurukul Academy is the result of his long time vision to found a global chain of world class academic institutions, combining the best of Public School Education with the rich heritage and culture of India.

Where Every Child is a Future Pillar of Modern Society

Prominently located in Lucknow, Gurukul Academy is perfectly placed to provide complete quality education to the children. Its sprawling 80,000 sq.ft. campus is well-equipped to foster all-round personality development of students, Though the school follows the latest English-medium education pattern with digital classrooms great care is taken to make children aware of the rich value system of our country so that they contribute positively towards its growth. With the strong belief that every child is gifted with special talent(s), Gurukul Academy aims at tapping these and developing them fully in a serene, stress-free and clean and environment.

"Empowerment Through Education"

Each day begins with morning mantras followed by special activity

In a healthy body resides a healthy mind

They aspire and achieve together as a team

Here classroom is a place to learn with fun

Practical Learning
They may forget what they read but remember with they see









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